For any questions, please call 314.289.4491.

Instructions for completing the Gift Membership form

On the Gift Membership first screen:
Cardholders - two adult names that reside in the same household can be included on membership cards, please indicate both names in the “Names on Membership” field at the bottom of the screen. Do not enter children’s names.

On the second screen:
• First, provide your name and address in the "Billing Information" portion of the form. We will mail you a letter confirming your Gift Membership purchase.
• Enter the adult name and mailing address of the gift recipient in the section at the bottom of the page. If you would like to add a second adult name residing in the same household to the membership, please type both adult names in the "Names on Membership" field on the previous screen.  Do not enter children's names.
• Select if you would like the Gift Membership sent to the Member (Recipient) or to the Donor (Purchaser).
•  All renewal purchases will be extended from current membership expiration dates.
•  Membership purchase confirmation will be emailed.

Call our Membership Services Team for assistance completing the Gift Membership form at 314.289.4424 during regular business hours.

Please allow two weeks to receive new membership cards.



- All Gift Memberships require TWO separate addresses, the purchaser (donor) and recipient (member)


Gift Membership Form

$89.00 Benefits

$125.00 Benefits

$185.00 Benefits

Important!Do not click the NEXT or SUBMIT PAYMENT button more than once.  A response from the authorization service may take as long as two minutes.  Clicking the stop, back, or refresh button on your browser may cause an error with this transaction.  Please wait until the next page appears, with more information and/or confirmation of payment.