Family & Friends MAX Membership -  $195

MAX Benefits

  • 20 FREE OMNIMAX® Theater Tickets*
  • 10% Summer STEAM Camp discount
  • Smithsonian Affiliate Membership
  • 2 Personalized Membership Cards

Included With Every Visit

  • Free parking (one car)
  • 8 Free McDonnell Planetarium tickets
  • 8 Discounted special exhibition tickets
*Does not apply to feature-length films

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For any questions, please call 314.289.4491 or email us.

Cardholders: two adult names that reside in the same household can be included on membership cards, please indicate both names in the “Names on Membership” field at the bottom of the screen. Do not enter children’s names.

For renewals, we will keep the cardholders the same unless otherwise indicated in the “Names on Membership”.

All renewal purchases will be extended from current membership expiration dates.

Membership purchase confirmation will be emailed.

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$195.00 Benefits

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